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Readers’ Gallery: Honza’s RS Models 1/72 Tachikawa Ki-9 “Spruce”

Agape forum member Honza Knetl posted these pics of his nicely done Ki-9 Spruce from RS Models. Great work Honza!

The insignia is of Thai Royal Air Force (กองทัพอากาศไทย in original), but it was used by other air forces too – what I remember it was Korea, Nanking, China, maybe some others… This is post-war, year 1946.

For the rigging, I used fishing line, but now I don’t know exactly it’s thickness, I will look… Anyway, it depends on scale of the airplane, of the original dimensions (Tachikawa seems to be very subtile, so I had to use very thin, for bigger ones I’d use thicker), etc. Into the wings are positioned twizzles from a thin wire, though it and through a small plastic pipe (made of plastic parts from cotton buds) goes the fishing line.