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Build Report: AMT’s 1/48 P-40F “Short tail”

It’s too bad AMT isn’t still making airplane kits- I really love their P-40’s. They are great kits, and if you can get your hands on any AMT P-40, I highly recommend it.

I’ve recently finished their P-40F “Short tail”, so called to differentiate it from, appropriately enough, the “Long tail”. A 20″ fuselage extension was added to the P-40 lines, so the “F” model had a mix of short tail and long tail versions. Most of the times when you see an AMT P-40F, it’s the long tail version. Thankfully I was able to find one on Ebay a while back, and it now sits proudly on my model shelf.

I won’t go into too much detail, because it’s like all the other AMT P-40s I’ve built, so if you’d like more details on the AMT builds, do a search for AMT P-40 in the site search.

There are a few details specific to the F model with this kit. When it was released, the shape of the nose was “wrong” apparently. I put that in parentheses because I’m such a relaxed, OOB builder that I rarely pay any attention to that type of discussion. It must’ve been recognizable enough that AMT (to their credit) began shipping a corrected resin nose.

Based on my experience with trying to use a resin replacement tail for their “K” model, I decided I’d rather just stick to the styrene, “wrong” or not. (It still looks like a P-40F to me…..) Plus, a modeling friend was looking for the resin nose for a project he has going, so I was able to help him out with that.

The build itself was a simple, satisfying project. There are two decal options with the kit, though one is actually for a long tail F. The markings I used are for a short tail- thankfully I had a photo in a reference book to look at. (To be honest, I almost used the other markings just for a chuckle.)

The paints are a combination of Model master Acryl and Pollyscale paints. I didn’t have the appropriate colors on hand, so I used a mixture of RLM 65 and white for the undersides, and US Desert Storm tan and white for the uppers. I figured after all the weathering I was going to do to it, it wouldn’t make much of a difference anyway.

The weathering was done with various oil washes, smears and smudges to give it a beat up look. I’m happy with the result. It’s one more P-40 model in my quest to get all of the P-40 series completed and on the shelf. Maybe I’ll do a long tail F/L next, or an M…. or maybe even the P-40R! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Build Report: AMT’s 1/48 P-40F “Short tail””

  1. I really love the old P-40 I have several versions of this plane.
    I agree it’s sad amt plAnes are not around but take heart amt has been reborn and in the future they plan to bring back all of their kits so be patient and keep a look out. Give my reguards to Jon aND ALL THE REST OF THE FINE PEOPLE AT YOUR WEBSITE.

    Your brother in Christ
    Tom Walsh

  2. Great AMT P40F short tail. I have completed the long tail and apart from correcting the radiator grill I left it as it was out of the box like you have. Don’t fret too much about the look of the nose as I placed mine (P40F “Sweet Bets”) against a photo of the original aircraft and the nose profile was exact. The resin replacement would have looked too square. Interesting hey?

  3. Nice job! I love MTO P-40s. Are these the kit markings? If you, do they give you decals for “US ARMY” commonly found under the wings of early P-40s, P-39s…? I only ask because I just recently came across a picture of a P-40 getting ready to launch from Ranger and it says “US ARMY” under the wings. Perhaps the picture was taken before the “US ARMY” markings were discontinued. Regardless, you have one nice plane there.

  4. Hi People,

    Checkout Aussie Modeller/ Walkaround Site for excellant photo’s of the ONLY Airworthy P-40F Short Tail in the World.


    Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

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