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Veteran’s Day

Today is a day for honoring our military veterans, past and present. It’s hard for me to write about it objectively, as I am a veteran myself. I was proud to serve at the time, and am still proud of that service. I was proud to serve my country, and to continue in the line that has preserved our freedom for so many years.

Yet when you get down to it, the day-to-day work was not so much about those great ideals, wonderful as they are. It was my buddies that kept me going. Dan at Fort Chaffee, Grady in Mogadishu, Kevin in Panama, Mark in Bolivia, Bruce yelling “Go” as I headed out the door over St. Mere Eglise DZ on Ft. Bragg on my last jump, and so many others names and faces who went through those places and more with me- and I with them. More than anything I was proud to serve with those guys. It’s hard to explain to someone who has not experienced it. Nothing before or since has come quite as close to the brotherhood that service fosters.

I encourage everyone to take time today and thank a veteran. And to my fellow veterans, I was proud to serve with you.

And more importantly, take the time to thank God for our veterans, and pray His blessing on those who are now serving.