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Kit Preview: Academy’s 1/72 Dragon Wagon

Agape forum member Jeff Adair sent this review of Academy’s “Dragon Wagon”. I can’t wait to see the finished pics Jeff!

Kit: Academy 1/72 Dragon Wagon
Price: $27
Pros: Good detail, only kit of the Dragon Wagon in 1/72
Cons: A few injector pin marks, no clear parts
Conclusion: With just a little bit of work this could be a real show stopper!


The M25 more commonly known as the “Dragon Wagon” was composed of the 6×6 armored tractor (M26) and a 40 ton trailer. (M15)

The M-26 was designed by Knuckey Truck Company of San Francisco. It ultimately produced by Pacific Car and Foundry of Seattle, Washington when Knuckey was unable to satisfy the production needs of the US Army.

The M26 had a 240HP gasoline inline six cylinder that would move it at speeds of up to 26 mph. I have read accounts of “field modifications” that took it to much higher speeds!

The Dragon Wagon entered service in Europe in 1944 and served the Army until 1955.

The Kit:

Academy has offered up a very nice kit in there “Ground Vehicle Series” with the Dragon Wagon.

This kit will appeal to both armor and aircraft builders alike due to the fact that the M25 mover everything from aircraft to armor even LCM-3 landing craft and German mini subs.

The overall detail of the kit is very good in this small scale, even down to the diamond plate on the floor of the cab and the trailer.

You have three decal options all from unknown units in 1944. The decals look to be thin and should give you no trouble with just a little decal solvent.

There are a few issues but nothing very major, there are a few injector pin holes on the interior of the cab and on the doors. Also Academy didn’t include any clear parts for the windows or lenses. You’ll need to pay close attention to the tire/wheel alignment so as to have all 18 of them on the ground at the same time.


I highly recommend this kit to any one that has an interest in small scale armor or the Dragon Wagon. It should have great possibilities for dioramas as well.


Most of you folks know me as Jeff8600 on most all forums, I’m Jeff Adair from Adairsville, Georgia. I’m 33 years old and build anything from Aircraft to Armor in scales ranging from 1/72nd to 1/24th aircraft and 1/48th to 1/16th armor. I’m married and have a great little boy.

I love to build kits but here the past few years I’ve found myself stashing them away. I attend Rush Chapel Methodist Church and love going. I also like to attend local contests so I hope to see you all at one someday! So until than… Jeff8600 OUT!