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Readers’ Gallery: Chris’ Revell 1/48 Me-262

Agape forum member Chris (WWIIAirFanatic) is back with an airplane! This is his Me-262, built for his son’s 13th birthday. Great work Chris- what a nice gift!

Heys guys!  As most know on here I build something for my kids for their birthday each year. The following is Camden’s model for his 13th b-day. He only told me he wanted a plane and wasn’t specific but I know how much he likes the Me-262

This Revell kit is a real nice one to build. Very little if any flash on the parts and they all seem to fit nicely. My colors aren’t exact but the closest I could find since I like using the rattle cans. 🙂 I used contact paper for the camoflauge. On the wings I just trace around and then I draw where I want the different colors and then just cut it out. The fuselage was done differently by cutting thin strips first to guarantee straight lines on the curved surface and then covering the specific areas between the lines. The contact paper sticks well enough to make nice edges but it comes off VERY easy and will not harm the paint underneath.

When I tryed to “fold” open the gun bay doors I messed them up.  So I cut the doors off of the center “hinge” and made a new one from some sheet styrene. Probably not the most accurate but it worked and looks good I think. The bottom is the base of a clear case with a landscaping sheet and just some simple bushes to complement the camo. Simple but effective.

In my own humble opinion I think this is my best yet. It’s not perfect (like the angle of the nose wheel) but Cam absolutely loves it…and that’s all I was shooting for anyway.