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Readers’ Gallery: Al’s Hasegawa 1/32 F-5E Tiger II

Agape forum member Al (Pruz on the forums) shared these photos of his gorgeous F-5E. Great work Al!

I really enjoyed seeing some of the recent AFV Club builds of this aircraft in 1/48, and it inspired me to get the old but lovely Hasegawa 1/32 kit down from the shelf, blow off the dust and make it straight from the box. For its age it’s a most impressive kit!

I got the original colour callout wrong after two paint colours had gone on, but rather than start again I just painted it a totally fictitious scheme and it actually looks quite good in it.

The pilot figure was from PJ Productions and is really very good, if expensive! The box decals were very deteriorated, so the stencils came from a Hobbydecal dry transfer set (EXCELLENT!! will get more) and the stars and bars were leftovers. The Bort numbers were the only kit ones that made it unsilvered.

Another therapeutic build, and a nice break from the minute PE parts from the ship I’ve been tinkering on this year….