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Readers’ Gallery: Mike Grant’s 1/72 Ki-51 Sonia

Agape forum member Mike Grant (migrant) posted these pics of his incredible “Squiggly Sonia”. I’d have gotten googly-eyed trying to paint this! 🙂

Thanks for sharing the pics Mike!

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I built this last year from the Hasegawa (Mania) kit- 1/72 Ki-51 Sonia. Markings are from a Rising Decals sheet, and depict a field applied squiggle camo. The squiggles on the model are hand-painted with a brush and Vallejo acrylic paint, biggest challenge was keeping them fairly consistent and roughly parallel, although in all honesty they were probably hastily and poorly applied to the real a/c. Apart from a bit of internal detail and replacing the wing-light transparencies I added little else to the basic kit.