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Readers’ Gallery: Chris’ 1/48 Revell AT-6/SNJ Texan

Agape Forum member Chris (WWIIAirFanatic) posted these pics of his finished work on Revell’s classic AT-6. Great work Chris!

Well here it is, my first completed airplane this year…woohoo!  Revell’s AT-6/SNJ Texan in 1/48th scale. I’ve seen a lot of Texans and they’re usually pretty colorful aircraft, a change from the wartime colors we’re normally used to. So I picked one up and decided to build the one pictured on the top of the box because the yellow really appealed to me this time. The one depicted is an SNJ model based at the NAS in Glenview, IL around 1956.

I don’t use an airbrush so I found a can of Model Master Custom Lacquer in Chrysler Yellow which is close to what I was looking for. I sprayed a white primer coat first and then the yellow followed by a coat of clear lacquer. I then sprayed over that with a coat of semi-gloss lacquer. I assembled the fuselage and sprayed that as well after adding the orange stripe.

This was my first attempt at panel wash (and scribing because the lines were not deep enough to hold it without me wiping most of it away) and don’t think it turned out too bad. I will have more time with other models to perfect that technique.

Overall a fun model to build. It’s not without its flaws but makes a great kit for people who are starting to try new things in their build process. I also think this model would be a good project for someone who would want to try seam sealing for the first time.