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Readers’ Gallery: Andy Mason’s Hobbyboss 1/48 A-10

Andy Mason (forum name amason61) posted these pics of his completed A-10. He says he had a little more to go… but I don’t see it! 🙂 Great stuff Andy!

“Almost done.  I say almost because I thought I was done . . . until I took these pics and saw several areas I still have to touch up before she goes in the case.  Well, anyway, here she is . . . almost . . .”

Andy said the decals are “from the Eielson Ice Hawgs sheet from TwoBobs.  That’s the only sheet I had with ladder door artwork and, although, it does not belong on this particular A-10, I took some creative liberty to add a little extra eye-candy to the build.”

Sharp-eyed readers will notice the stressed skin look Andy achieved on the model. “I used a round metal file and “dug some trenches”, then sanded the edges to smooth/blend them into the fuselage.”

Andy used the same technique on the nose dent. “I’ve seen more than a couple of pics of Hogs with dented noses (bumpy in-flight refueling booms?).  Just a few little “extras” to make this build unique in my display case and to expand my skills some….”