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Who needs a kit? Anthony Fuentes’ incredible sculpting work

I remember back when you couldn’t just run down to the corner grocery store and buy a pre-packaged model. You had to go rooting around in the woods, looking for styrene roots that the hogs hadn’t chewed up. You had to dig it up, and cure it in the sun for weeks. And if the crows and raccoons left you any, you might have enough left to carve out a Spitfire or two.


OK, I made that previous part up. (Really, I did.)

Making models is easy, to a degree, because someone else has done the work of preparing the parts for you. There may be differing degrees of engineering, and varying quality, but most modelers rarely enter that rarefied air of scratch building a complete model.

Agape forum member Anthony Fuentes (captfue) shared this incredible work, built mostly from the simple and humble sprue. Anthony, this is awesome work!

Hello all. Here are some photos of a wedgie I completed today. It shows one off the less glamorous sides of being a tanker. The work is about 90% to 95% done from recycled sprue, the tree and the tanks wheels and bogie truck are the only pieces not sculpted by hand.

The scene is of an American tank crew trying to improve their chances of survival, during the Second World War. One team begins to fill thier sandbag, after the tank commander finishes his, and hands the shovel to them. (Most tanks only had one shovel). One crewman walks towards the tank to hand his bag to the loader (generally the healthiest) to toss onto the tank.