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Readers’ Gallery: Rick Lorenz’s Monogram 1/72 F11C-2 Goshawk

Rick Lorenz (forum member Spruemeister) shared these pictures of his excellent results build Monogram’s classic F11C-2 Goshawk. I built this same kit a while back, and it’s a fun build. Rick’s results tell the story!

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I was worried it wouldn’t get finished, but here it is.  Warts and all.  Monogram’s 1/72 Curtis F11C-2, vintage 1968 edition with Starfighter Decals to replace the 42 year old originals.  Rigging is fun!  Rigging is fun!  Rigging is f…. oh, never mind.  I managed to glue shut a pre-drilled hole that I couldn’t get to without using a heated bent pin to melt a new hole.  I painted the prop with MM Chrome Silver and did a beautiful job.  2 weeks later, it still hadn’t dried and I finger printed the whole thing.  Thus I stripped it and went with foil on the front, Insignia Blue on the back.  There is no interior.  I don’t do little pilot figures, and there isn’t anything else in the kit.  The IP decal didn’t make it either.  Paints are either MM Acrylic, or Pollyscale Acrylic.  I should have toned down the aluminum by adding in a little of the gray.  I think it’s to stark and bright.  I also shouldn’t have rolled the upper wing color so far around the leading edge.  Period thing, I guess.  I love Starfighter’s decals, but I think next time I’ll use Yellow Wings prop tips.  Just a bit larger like the real thing.

The rigging is just 2 pound mono-filament fishing line.  I CA both ends, and run an extinguished matchhead under it and BOING!  Tight wire!  I did have a small accident, and melted one wire….   The lines are then painted steel.

This is more or less a prototype/practice build for an all out effort of the same kit.  This is such a nice little kit as Jon has already let everybody know.  I think there is massive potential for some serious attention to detail that would really make this old kit pop.  I want to add an Aires Cyclone engine, open the carb intake, full interior, open the side vents, add the exposed control cables at the tail, open all the hand holds, move the nav lights to the wingtips, add the small rigging spreader bars, re-do the belly tank mounts, etc.  I already have another kit and decals waiting… 😀

Hope you enjoy it!