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Readers’ Gallery: Bo Robert’s Pegasus Hobbies FW-190A-3

Bo Robert’s posted photos of his completed work on Pegasus Hobbies FW-190. If you haven’t tried a Pegasus Hobbies E-Z Snapz kits, you owe it to yourself to pick one up. it’s great fun for not a lot of money!

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This is a E-Z Snapz kit that I did glue together and used some filler as well.  Probably shoulda used more. Added some things from my spare parts boxes where the kit lacked. I wouldn’t want to start with this kit if I planned to win the Gold at an IPMS event, but it IS a very nice finished model and very inexpensive subject to practice that special technique you always wanted to, but didn’t want to trash a high dollars kit on!!  And when you finish them, they’re keepers, to boot!! Spent about 1 month building this, and it was really in my spare time!!  Didn’t work on it hard and fast at all. Try one, it really is a fun build!!