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Readers’ Gallery: Eric Larson’s 1/48 Tamiya Fw 190D-9

Eric Larson posted an older build of his, Tamiya’s long nose Fw-190. Old or new, it looks great Eric!

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It recently dawned on me that I’ve never taken any photos of my old Tamiya Fw 190D-9. So tonight, I rectified that! 🙂 I built this right after the kit first came out and was totally oblivious to the various accuracy issues (incorrect wheel wells, short landing gear legs, undersize wheels, spinner shape, cowling gun cover hump, etc.) that eventually came to light. Oh well! It was still a nice build and I like it. 😀

The Dora is one of my favorite Luftwaffe fighters and I’ve got a Trimaster kit, with plenty of extras, in the closet that I plan to pull out all the stops on some day.

I added very little to the kit. The wing cannons were replaced with hollow tubing, the radio antenna added using invisible thread, and brake lines added to the main gear struts. Decals are a mix of Experten and the kit’s. If I remember correctly, the paints are Aeromaster enamels. By the way, the camo scheme, including the tail mottles, was airbrushed free-hand with my trusty old Paasche H single-action brush. This was done years before I started using double-action brushes and I still use the Paasche quite often. So, you can see, a fancy expensive double-action airbrush is not needed to do Luftwaffe paint schemes! At least in 1/48. 😉