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Readers’ Gallery: The Red Baron flies again!

Forum member JCon posted this completely cool comical Red Baron! I love it!

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This is my interpretation of the Red Baron’s little Fun-Decker in comic form!  Yup that is a HEMI under the cowling which I did wire!  The colors were adapted from one of his actual planes during WWI.  It was a fun build in which I tried some new techniques.  I used wood stain for the wooden wings, struts and side, fabric for patches and oil paints for the Baron himself!  Hope you like the results as much as I do!

1 thought on “Readers’ Gallery: The Red Baron flies again!”

  1. Joe that is a wonderful piece of work. You artist oils on the Baron look very, very good. That’s for lighting the fire to try oils.

    Again, outstanding brother.


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