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AFV Club 1/35th German 8.8 cm Anti-Aircraft Gun

Most folks that join the Agape Models forum take a little while to get oriented. Vin Wragg jumped right in- I received this  build report from him about the same time I got his information for joining the forums! Bless you Vin for jumping right in! Let’s take a look at his thoughts and pictures of World War II’s dreaded “Eighty-Eight”.

The 88 mm gun is a German anti-aircraft and anti-tank artillery gun from World War II. They were widely used throughout the war, and could be found on almost every battlefield. Developments of the original models led to a wide variety of guns.

The Kit:
This is easily the most detailed model kit of any description that I have undertaken. The kits credentials are impressive. The gun barrel is aluminum, which has been turned to the correct dimensions. Brass sleeves are provided for the shock absorbers,  and photo etch components and separate vinyl tires that really do look the part. This together with the multitude of plastic injection molded components gives an extraordinary level of detail. I think this kit is a super-detailed one even as an Out of Box build. My only recommendation is that this one is for the experienced builder, with the amount of photo etch and metal components used, as well as the overall  complexity.

The Build:
This is not an easy kit to build, in fact I would say this requires a good deal of modelling experience. You are required to use photo etch, aluminum and brass parts, so it is really a mixed media kit. Some components present a challenge, while others are near impossible to construct. Dry fit testing is a must, while I also suggest priming the kit after assembly, to aid with the adheresion of the smaller parts while providing an uniform surface over the mixed media parts for painting. Do your build in an area that has good lighting, due to the fact that you will be working with small parts. Be careful of dropping parts, as with the multitude of parts, loses are quite easy.

I used Humbrol light gray as an under coat. I highly recommend undercoating this kit, apart from providing a superior surface for painting, it also assists with the adhesion of the small parts. Humbrol dark gray was used as panzer gray. No matt varnish was applied, the finish was applied with artist pastels and Promodeller washes.

Only decals for later versions are supplied.

Final assembly:
The kit comes to together quite well in three major sub assembles, the two bogies and the gun.  Always check fit through the process, as it can come back and bite you at final assembly time. I like a bit of weathering on these guns, as they were used in a off road field situation

A highly detailed, rewarding build. However it is quite challenging and difficult. I would say this one is for the experienced modeller. If you are a novice, buy one and put it away till your skills develope. Possible the best value for price model of the dreaded 88

Vin Wragg’s Bio:
I live in the outer south east of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I have been building models since 1986, but only in the last years with my present club, that I have concentrated on my skills.