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Readers’ Gallery: Steve Budd’s 1/72 Tamiya Corsair F4U-1D forum member Steve Budd (Dances with Wolves) shares his gorgeous final result from a kit rescued from the “not quite done” pile that most modelers have. Great work Steve!

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Having brought ‘Macky’ Steinhoff’s BF109E-3 to a close I had a gander among the many ‘started – should I finish?’ contenders in the stash. Tamiya’s 1:72 Corsair F4U-1D kit nudged into pole position and is now ready for inspection.

I quite fancied the look of Ira Kepford’s F4U-1A and as this was a within scope backdate from Tamiya’s beautiful 1:72 F4U-1D kit, ran with that. Ira Kepford devotees will spot the kill markings are not aligned with the white tank tape (I knew about it some time back but forgot while decaling). I love the US Navy tri-colour scheme and the Corsair so this was a double pleasure to finish off. The pitot went awol in the intervening years and the arrester hook broke and pinged off into another space / time dimension so both were scratched up. I’ve since discovered that these island bound Corsairs had their tail hooks removed, so live and learn and therein lies part of the fun of this great hobby.