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Remembering Thomas Myers

It’s been a little more than a year since Thomas Myers went home to be with the Lord. He was called home from this earth far to soon, if it were up to me. But it’s not, and it’s in the Lord’s hands. I have great faith that God knows far better what He’s doing than I do.

Still, hardly a day goes by that I don’ think about Tom. Sometimes I even see something and think, for just a minute, “I need to show this to Tom…” And then I remember.

There’s no other way to say it. I miss him. I really do.

However, I do take great joy in the knowledge that when the Lord calls me home, Tom is going to be there to greet me.

Over the last year, we’ve had a Fellowship Build going in Tom’s honor. (The rest of the world calls it a Group Build.) The rules were simple- build something that in some way or another was tied to Tom. Maybe an Accurate Miniature’s kit. Or one with some of Tom’s Possum Werks decals on it. Maybe simply a kit that was discussed with Tom.

So here are the results of the Thomas E. Myers Memorial Fellowship Build. Tom’s brothers in Christ, paying tribute to him in a simple but fitting way. Because as Tom would say, quite often, ‘Go build a model.”

Steve Arnold’s Accurate Miniatures Fw-190

Steve Arnold built one of Accurate Miniature’s Fw-190s. It held a special place in his heart.

Hey brothers if you can recall I was asking some help getting back to building. I just want to thank everyone for their suggestions. I had a suggestion from a High source though. I wanted to build a simple kit, nothing trying or complex. Looking through my stash I kept coming back to this kit. The reason He was steering me back to this kit is because Tom personally sent this to me. I am now out of my funk and I am working on other models as we speak. Thanks to Tom. God bless him.

Ernie Schafer’s Accurate Miniature’s Predator

Erniehad a pretty neat little motivation for his build, as he explains.

Now, as I alluded at the start of this build, I did not personally know Tom, but when I first joined here, Tom had made a comment about returning from a show and hitting a gopher with his Mini. I made a comment about it, and Randie jumped right in with a picture of a VERY flat critter. It was kind of funny, and made me feel okay about being here, which I really appreciated. Anyway, even though this real Predator carries a full stick of mission marks, I carefully cut out just one from the deal sheet and applied it- in commemoration of Tom’s one encounter with the gopher .

Ken Judt’s DML P-38

If you knew Tom for just a little while, you knew of his pride for his dad’s service in WWII, flying recon in Europe. Ken used this as inspiration for his tribute.

Here is my entry.  This is DML’s 1/72 F-5E with Rising Decals 43-28307,  33rd PRS, 10th PG, England, Summer 1944. It wasn’t in the 34th PRS that Tom’s father was in, but it was a unit in their same group.

Jon Bius’ Accurate Miniatures P-51

I’ll claim this one. It had Tom written all over it for me. You can read the build report I wrote a while back about it. (And Tom- the wing is just fine. I told you not to sweat it. 🙂  )

Steve Budd’s Tamiya Bf-109E

Steve just finished this Bf-109, looking great in Tom’s Possum Werks decals. Steve promised to write a longer article soon. He wrote a great bit of detail, actually, on the forums, but as I tried to narrow it down, one thing kept coming back to me. So Steve, forgive me for not using all the great detail you wrote. We’ll have to work that into a full build report later. I just think one simple thing you said sums it all up, for all of us. I couldn’t have said it better, brother.

Tom, this one’s for you.