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ModelNerd’s Cowl & Engine Update Set for Monogram’s 1/48 P-61 Black Widow

modelnerds-p61-resin-1NOTE: Mark has issued an updated set to replace this P-61 set. You can see a review of the updated version here.

Mark Buchler is on his way to be the King of Resin. I’m just proud to say “Ah, I knew him back in the day…” 🙂

You may recall when mark set about updating his Lindberg F11C-2 Goshawk build. He posted his work on the Fine Scale Modeler forum, showing off his great technique and skill. When he realized he had a pretty decent set of molds, he decided to release his set to the world.

About the same time Lindberg was re-releasing kits, including the aforementioned F11C-2. And then came Mark’s book on how to cast your own resin parts. Followed not too long after that by his update for Hobbycraft’s Polikarpov I-16 cockpit, which worked really well in my own build.

Now Mark is back with his newest set- a beautifully produced cowl and engine set for Monogram’s venerable 1/48 P-61 Black Widow.

Mark’s work is very good. He has the most well thought out casting attachments I’ve ever seen. Most resin producers seem to think it’s mandatory to have casting blocks the size of a brick. Mark’s work is remarkable for it’s lack of casting block troubles. The I-16 set was cast on petite sprues. This P-61 set has practically no blocks at all- just a little sanding on the back of the cowl and you’re done. If you’re like me, approaching resin with a mixture of fear and loathing when it comes to preparing the parts, you’ll appreciate the simplicity.

The engines need no preparation, other than the usual dipping on soapy water to remove any release agent that might be hanging around.

And these aren’t just re-cast Monogram parts. Mark uses CAD to design his parts, then sends those plans off to a manufacturer who prints (yes, prints) the parts out in resin as masters. Mark then uses those masters to cast the parts. (How, you ask? Read his book! 😀 ) The results are remarkably well shaped, finely cast resin parts, with no pinholes, bubbles or blobs in the example Mark sent me.

He also includes a simple set of instructions, detailing how to use mate the parts up with the kit.

Here are some further details from Mark’s website

This limited run update set includes two cowls and two R-2800 engines, and specifically addresses a few glaring problems found in the Monogram kit, which are:

  • The “open flap/closed flap” arrangements of their kit’s cowls.
  • Poorly fitting cowl service panels, if one wishes to build both cowls buttoned up.
  • Lackluster detailing and general unfaithfulness of their R-2800 engine.

Mark says the parts will be available December 14th, for $15 plus $4 shipping in the US. And this will be a Limited Run- that’s the nature of molds. (I learned that through- his book!)

Place your order before they are gone, pull that P-61 out of the stash, and get to work!

Many thanks to Mark for blessing me with this set of resin- they will be showing up soon in a P-61 Build Report!

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