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Sticking to where you are placed

6 thoughts on “Sticking to where you are placed”

  1. Great message Jon. No doubt, I’ll remember this lesson each and every time I put Solvaset on a decal.
    And when I get all wrinkeled up by life, I’ll remember God’s applying ‘decal softner’!!

    Thanks again.

    Bo Roberts

  2. A great mini vid and a timely reminder of the importance of God’s will – thanks for that Jon.

    I particularly enjoyed the slightly disconcerting effect of you pretending to be in my flat screen monitor pointing up to the link on my screen…lol

  3. Jon,
    What a timely little nugget you just presented. My wife and I are right now trying to decide whether we were to stay or if it was time to go from the place we are living and ministering. This certainly is something to think about.


  4. zipmeister (steve)

    Jon I know I’m a little late on this but I gotta tell you brother, this is surely a timely message for me. I love you videos and they are always a help to me. Please feel free to do more. You have a great way of mixing modeling and ministry. I truly enjoy each one of your videos and learn more than you will ever know from them. I look forward to your next little sermon.

    God bless

  5. Jon:
    I love how you tie in scripture to our hobby. You know the saying that everything happens for a reason because God wills it. I can not thank you enough brother for bringing two passions of mine together. I certain opens up a new perspective on modeling.

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