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Readers’ Gallery: Eric Larson’s 1/72 Academy B-24

Eric Larson (eclarson on the Agape Forums) posted these photos of his Ploesti raider. Great work Eric!

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I’ve always been fascinated by the famous low level raid on the Ploesti oil refineries. So, it was only natural that I do my 1/72 Academy B-24D in the markings of the lead aircraft. I built this when I lived in TN which makes it about 12 years old.

I used an Eduard p/e set in the cockpit and scratch built a ton of detail in the nose section but you need to shine a bright light in there and look real close to see anything. I had to do a lot of creative lead-stuffing with this one too. Mostly thin sheets of lead stacked under the cockpit floor.

Most of the clear parts were replaced with Squadron vacuform pieces (main canopy, turrets, and astrodome). Only the nose piece and side windows from the kit were used.