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Readers’ Gallery: Lee’s 1966 Malibu Wagon

Agape forum member Lee (chopperlover) posted these pics of his ’66 Malibu wagon. Looks great Lee!

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This is my Revell ’66 Malibu wagon.  Factory stock, classic copper, 6 cylinder, rally wheels.  The chassis pic is from before she was assembled, I didnt want to break off body parts taking the pic.

I used the hood from Revell’s ’66 El Camino, and a 6 cylinder from AMT’s ’60 Chevy pickup, modified to ’66 specs.  The kit comes with ’66 Malibu hubcaps, but I wanted ralleys.  The kit also comes with a 427, and not many wagons had that.  Most had a 6 or a small block of 283 or maybe 327 cubes.