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Book review: “The Modern Viper Guide ,The F-16C/D Exposed” by Jake Melampy

viper_coverForum member Scooter Meek (Scot M.) sent in this review of a great resource for modelers. One can never have enough references!

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The Modern Viper Guide is one of a growing series of books authored by Jake Melampy that caters to the needs of the scale modeler. In this title Jake looks at F-16’s that are operated by the USAF.

A softbound book consisting of 136 pages of full color photographs, Jake takes us up close and personal to the F-16, revealing parts of the aircraft very few get the chance to see. Excellent photographs of the cockpit, gear bays, and airframe details will provide an outstanding resource for the scale modeler.

Jake also goes the extra mile here, by explaining the differences and similarities between the different production blocks, which jets have either the Pratt and Whitney F-100-220, 229 or the General Electric F110, and the various upgrades the Viper has acquired over the years. He also provides captions and photographs of a few of the most common weapons that the Viper carries in today’s conflicts.

This title is an invaluable resource to those that enjoy building well detailed models of modern jets, and will soon be one of your favorites on your bookshelf.

Highly recommended.

Title: The Modern Viper Guide-The F-16C/D Exposed
Author: Jake Melampy
Publisher:Reid Air Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-0979506413

Price: $39.95
Available from: and