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Readers’ Gallery: Michael’s 1/35 DML Panther G

Michael Faulkner completed this very nice DML Panther G and shared it with us in the forums. He really did a great job on it.

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Guys and gals, I am pleased to say I finally finished this kitty last night. I still have a couple areas to tone down after looking at her in the day light, but I am very pleased with it.

I had disaster with two sets of magic tracks, my fault. So I had to get a set of Fruils for it, and man what a difference they made. If I am able to, I will use Fruils as much as I can in the future.  Also, thanks to Jeff ( KingTiger), he gave me some string to use for the tow cables because the metal wire that came with the kit just would not bend right. So you can use kit string if you need to in the future. All I did was paint it with metalic gray, black, and buff. After that dried I mixed up some pigments and thinner and brushed it on then went back and rubbed it off with my fingers. This also made the string a little stiffer and worked like a charm.

The kit is the wonderful smart kit from DML, steel wheel version. This kit is basically the same as their first smart kit which was also a Panther G. The differences is they included additional sprues for the steel wheels and new arms, added some more tracks and turret hangers, and also made some of the parts entirely out of styrene and left out almost all the photoetch except the screens. I chose this kit over the other smart kit because I wanted tracks on the turret and this one offered the track hangers and extra tracks.

The build on this was wonderful. The instructions needed to be watched very closely and every thing needed to be dry fitted. But the fit of everything was incredible. I am so happy with this kit, I can not put it into words. Some of the parts were really small, but the OOB quality is unbeatable. This is really making me look forward to the other smart kits I have waiting, all screaming “Me Next!!!” Truth be told, this is my first Panther. Actually, this is only my third non Tiger variant I have built. I have made a commitment to not build any Tigers for at least three to four builds.  Lets see how that works out.