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Readers’ Gallery: Wayne Dippold’s Tamiya 1/24th Toyota Supra Gr.A

Wayne Dippold posted these photos of his great looking Supra.

Ever since Toyota introduced the new body Supras in 1986 I have had a fondness for them.  I hope to add one to the stable someday but until then I will have to be satisfied with this kit.

This is the Tamiya 1/24th scale kit built straight from the box.  It is a curbside kit so there is no engine.  It is a nice little model but it has some problems.  First as a curbside the wheel wells really don’t fit the body contours and that leaves BIG gaps in the wells which makes it pretty easy to see that there is nothing inside of it.  As disappointing as that was nothing came close to the frustration that came from finding out that apparently Tamiya car decals don’t stick!  A couple of my friends built Tamiya car kits for our club dare and they had the same problem.  This combined with Tamiya’s decision to make most of the different colors separate decals had me ready to launch this bad boy into the wall in turn 3.  I would rate the build itself a 7.9 on the fun meter but the decals a 1.2.  Hope you enjoy the pics.