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Readers’ Gallery: Stew’s Lindberg Flintmobile

Don’t ever forget, modeling is about having fun. Agape Model’s forum member Stew gave us this awesome build as a reminder of that fact. This has to be one of the favorite reader  builds I’ve ever posted. Modeling is not about scale inches and esoteric color shade variations or endless arguments about the build-ability of a kit. It’s all about the fun a grown man can have in the middle of what life throws at you, gaining a brief respite from things to simply be creative. Thanks Stew! This is awesome!

Back in February, I attended the IPMS Alamo Squadron’s ModelFiesta 2009. It was not only a great show, but down here, it’s the first show of the season and a way for us to break out of the winter doldrums. I went with two things in the back of my head. First, I needed a light-hearted, easy-to-build project that would inject some juice back into my modeling veins. Second, I needed to find a project for our club’s intra-club group build, which was titled “Muslce Cars of the 60’s-70’s”

After browsing the vendors for some time, I stumbled upon something rather out of the ordinary – right up my alley. It was a Lindberg “Flintmobile” from the Flinstones movie.

Wheels got to turning (pun) and I though to myself…”Self, I’m sure it has few parts, has no necessity for extreme fidelity to scale, and might just be the thing to inject some fun into the mix. The part of me with the twisted humor said “DUDE! IT HAD to have taken muscles to push a car made of logs and stone!”

Thus, my pick for muscle car was made. Five dollars later, it was in my hands.

So, I present to you for your consideration: The Flintmobile!