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Readers’ Gallery: Wayne Dippold’s Hobbycraft P-59

Forum member Wayne Dippold (Eagle334) posted this unusually marked P-59- very cool in the Navy tri-color scheme. It looks great, Wayne! I have one of these kits in the stash, and seeing yours makes me think I ought to drag that one out and get to work!

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I started this some 6 years ago and had a couple of things happen during construction that made me put it on the shelf.  If I ever do another one I know now what to watch out for.  It is the Hobbycraft kit and while shapes seems to be generally correct I wasn’t happy with the complete lack of anything inside the belly of the jet.  You can see clear through from the front to the back.  The canopy can not be displayed open and the wheel wells are pretty sparse.  I used the cutting edge cockpit which is excellent.  This was fun to just finish since I gave up on the contest idea with this one 6 years ago.  I’m happy with the results and happy to have something kinda finished on the shelf.