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Readers’ Gallery: Drew Hatch’s 1/48 Hasegawa Ju-87G-2 Stuka

Forum member Drew Hatch completed this tank-busting Stuka recently while recovering from surgery. Glad you are better Drew!

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Here’s my “Hernia” build. It’s the Hasagawa Ju-87G-2. This kept me going while I was recovering in the hospital and at home. It’s just out of the box, nothing really done to it and any ‘mistakes’ were left alone and I moved on. I just did it to keep my mind active and now I have it on my shelf. I wouldn’t mind doing it again as it was a very straight forward build. One of the faster ones I have finished.

I used MM enamels topside and Gunzy aqueos for the lower. Decals were from the box but showing an un-marked Stuka, which was common for replacement aircraft on the Russian front. This one was a bit different as there was no id number on the tail – not even a clue as to where it was when the pics were taken. The photo was in an old book dated 1965 called the Luft referance guide. It was fairly plain book, but had some interesting pics for sure.