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Readers’ Gallery: Monogram’s SB2C and F6F-5 forum member Chris (WWIIAirFanatic) shared his pictures of two classic builds from Monogram. I love these old kits, right down to the working details. Great stuff Chris!

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Well I finally finished them: The SB2C Helldiver and F6F5 Hellcat both from Monogram. (1973 and 1967 respectively)

I picked these two 1/48th kits up from a local friend, they were in exceptional condition. Just a couple of fun kits to build and for as old as they are they were surprisingly trouble free except for the decals. I didn’t use all of the markings because quite frankly they were fairly thick as far as decals go and the decal solution didn’t work that great on them. So to avoid excess silvering and ruining the overall look I just used the bare minimum.

These are my first two planes with the faded two tone, I did as much detail as I could with the brush and added some silver thread for the antenna also. Overall they make very nice shelf models and the fact that the wings fold up is not only cool but saves some space on my desk…just like on the carriers they were assigned to.

Enjoy. 🙂