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Readers’ Gallery: Wayne Dippold’s 1/48 Monogram F-101 Voodoo

Forum member Wayne Dippold (Eagle334) sent in these great pictures of his Monogram F-101 in some cool Canadian markings. Thanks for sharing Wayne!

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This is the venerable Monogram F-101 Voodoo kit in 1/48th scale. The kit was made straight from the box with no additions. The only complaints I really had with the kit is the lack of positive alignment holes for the main landing gear. They just get glued to a flat spot in the wheel well. The model was finished with Testors enamels with the blue being the square bottle “Sky Blue”. The decals come from Microscale and while impressive left a lot up to the modeler to paint. Only the hawk’s head is printed on the sheet and the jagged separation lines are given as 6 separate pieces with no ideas given on where to paint the black and blue. Otherwise the build was very straight forward.