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Readers’ Gallery: Bob’s Buckles and the Albatross D.Va

Bob from Bob’s Buckles posted these wonderful images of his Eduard 1/48 Albatross D.Va, complete with- what else- some of Bob’s Buckles! Great work- thanks for sharing it!

Ltn. Hans Müller’s Alb.D.Va
After many months of love and attention I have finally completed my 1/48th Eduard Albatros DV of Jasta 18 fame.

The rigging was the fun bit for me. I love being tortured!

I anchored my wee buckles into pre drilled holes then rigged with 1LB fishing line. The sleeves were made out of stretched cotton bud handles.

The kit looks a lot cleaner than in reality. I have done some fading to the red on the upper wing. This was achieved with Tamiya Red base coat and Gunze Sangyo red over sprayed. Pre-shading of the rib tapes was done with white.

The white areas have a minimum of “smoke” sprayed on them. This cannot be seen in the pictures, believe me, its subtle.

Many thanks.
Bob Von Buckles