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Exciting news from Pegasus Hobbies

Larry Thompson at Pegasus Hobbies sent this information to me, regarding upcoming releases:

We are planning on doing the P40, the Flying Tiger version (early).

At the moment we have the Zero coming out on next shipment we hope.  2 or 3 months.

Then the Bf-109E or FW-190A.   The Bf has not started tooling,  but the FW has been a nightmare getting good.

Of course we still have the P-51D and P-47 (both versions) and the Corsair.   No other WW2 planes are on the list after that though.

All of the above except the P-51D masters are done and just waiting the go ahead for tooling.

At the moment we are doing much work on the movie stuff,  trying to get the Galaxy Quest stuff done.

So that’s 8 new-tool WWII aircraft for under $10 coming out over the next year from Pegasus, in addition to the 5 they already have. How cool!

I am especially excited about the P-40- Larry has confirmed it will be the “B’ model in AVG markings.

I really enjoyed their recently released P-51B and their Hawker Hurricane.  And my son built their Bf-109G and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Keep it up Larry and Pegasus!