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Readers’ Gallery: Bob’s Buckles and the Roden 1/32nd Pfalz D.III

Forum member Bob (bobs_buckles) posted these wonderful photos of a 1/32 Roden Pfalz D.III he recently finished. As your checking out his photos, you may wonder where those great looking turnbuckles used in his rigging came from. Bob made them himself- and you can get some too! Just might be perfect for those Wingnut Wings kit that most of the modeling world is now working on. 🙂 Check them out at Bob’s Buckles website.

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The silber grau was a mixture of 1x Skull White to 2X Mithril Silver. Both  being from the superb Citadel range of acrylics. They need thinning more so than your usual Tamiya and Gunze. Talking of thinners, I used the Tamiya thinners, but I dare say IPA will do the same job.