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Readers’ Gallery: 1/32 Revell Tornado GR.4 upgrade/conversion

Forum member Pruz shared this wonderful looking Tornado he recently finished. Looks great Al!

To prove I still build occasionally (!) I just finished my latest creation. It took me five months but I’m very pleased with the result! It’s the Revell big-scale Tornado GR.1 RAF kit, updated and converted to GR.4 standard using the Flightpath etch, metal and resin upgrade set.

Its markings are from the 617 Sqn “Dam Busters” 60th Anniversary markings. At this time the aircraft was in frontline combat in Iraq, explaining why the scheme was quite limited.

The model is armed with Storm Shadow stand-off missiles, which were first used to great effect in the Iraq 2003 war. These are resin pieces which add significantly to the weight of the model! I also used Paragon resin flaps and slats set.

4 thoughts on “Readers’ Gallery: 1/32 Revell Tornado GR.4 upgrade/conversion”

  1. Hi, could you tell me what paints you used for the overall fuselage and radome? It looks spot on! I was an engineer on 617 Squadron during this era, up until 2009 and did a few tours in the gulf on Op Telic. I’m just about to start a 1/32 Revell kit.

  2. Hi all, in answer to Mike I actually built this, I mixed all the colours from various enamel greys, mostly WEM Barley Grey, Ocean Grey and Camouflage Grey. I also used Vallejo Model Air Barley Grey and Medium Sea Grey for counter-shading. Sorry it’s taken a year to reply!
    This particular finished model was auctioned in 2010 on behalf of British charity Help for Heroes, in aid of wounded service personnel 🙂

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