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Lost tires and lost sheep- found!

11 thoughts on “Lost tires and lost sheep- found!”

  1. Jon I love it when you use our hobby to explain the ways of the Lord. You are priceless. Spread the Word my friend! God bless you!


  2. Think of all the “people” that the Carpet Monster has consumed. I could have been one of them, but by God’s grace and mercy I have been found and put back on the bench. Praise God!

    Great video teaching a great truth. Thank you, Jon.

    Rick L.

  3. Fantastic analogy!! And just think that each of us caused much rejoycing in heaven when we obeyed the Gospel.

    Bo Roberts

  4. Chris (WWIIAirFanatic)

    Thank you for that video. I am smart enough to know when God is talking…or maybe I’m not. Look for my post in testimony later this evening…I have something to share.

    Thank you again Jon,

  5. Hi Jon!
    Met you at noreastcon….I just loved your teaching on the lost wheel! You are the real deal and I also love the Lord with all my heart and as a woman of God…just love to build!!(hey there’s a teaching in that too!)

    God Bless and thanks for informing me of this encouraging website…my building is not in vain!

    Pat S

  6. Very true, very true! And I feel like that wheel, under the fridge, and I know that He won’t give up and scratchbuild a replacement, but keep looking till He can pick me up!

    A great video! Only one thing is missing-you need a toque! 😀


  7. Hartwig Roeshel

    Hi there, greetings from Germany and amen to that brother!
    I once used to be one of those wheels/sheep and I am grateful for the love of God and our Lord.
    And I am grateful for having found this website as it shows me that model building and Christianity are indeed not at odds (as I once told the pastor when I was still a lost wheel/sheep).

    Thanks for this website and keep up the good work.

    God bless

    Hardy (short version for Hartwig)

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