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Build report: AMT P-70- This one is for you, Butch

Butch and Rita Delvaux together on Christmas Day, 2008.

Butch and Rita Delvaux together on Christmas Day, 2008.

One of the best things about the modeling hobby is the people you meet. Modelers, for the most part, are a generous group of folks, quick to lend a hand, offer assistance, and friendships come quickly and often as one meets new people.

Every now and then, though, you meet someone who you realize is very special.

Fellow forum member Randie Coulter first brought Butch Delvaux to my attention in July of 2008, asking us to pray for Butch in his battle against cancer. Butch and I begin to exchange emails soon after that. Through all of it, I noticed Butch never, ever lost his hope. Despite the pain he felt from his battle, and realizing his time on this earth was closing, he always was a great encourager. His faith in God never failed- and was an inspiration to me. I always loved how he closed all of his emails:

The GOSPEL ! Christ died for sinners (you & me), HE was buried (like us one day), HE rose from the dead (like us one day) and He will return one day for HIS people!! Repent, (turn from your ways, and follow CHRIST) IF any man is in Christ, he is a new creature, Old things have passed away, All things are becoming new, You will find Me, when you search for Me with ALL your heart.

Butch was a man who loved his Lord, and wanted everyone to share in that joy.

Butch had a website where he sold his models to raise a little money, and he also shared his story, and his testimony of his hope in the Lord.

Back in November (2008), I ordered an AMT P-70 from Butch, as it really struck me as a cool, rather obscure airplane. A night fighter version of the A-20, it was a stop-gap measure until the P-61 came along. And as AMT kits always impressed me, I thought it would be a lot of fun to build.

I started on it in mid-January, hoping to finish it quickly so I could send Butch photos of the kit. Sometimes though, God has a different timetable than we do. Which is OK by me, really, as I know His timing is always right.

Even if my flesh doesn’t fully understand it.

Butch went home to be with the Lord February 3rd, 2009.

It was so nice to see the things folks said about Butch on forums…. it was obvious he’d touched many people, all around the world, for many years. And all spoke of his faith, so evident in everything he did.

I’ve been in touch with Butch’s wife, Rita, and she is every bit the encourager, just as he was. Which is really neat to know. I thank the Lord for Butch, and for the hope in the Lord he proclaimed to everyone. I cannot wait to meet him face-to-face one day when the Lord calls me home.

And I’m so blessed to hear the witness that Rita has been- it is obvious that she loves the Lord just as Butch did, and her words are a great comfort and testimony too.

I know this is supposed to be a build report about a P-70, too. What can I say? It’s a nice kit. I had a lot of fun. I bought an aftermarket set of wheels that came with a bonus life raft. I painted “S.S. Minnow” on it just for fun. If you can pick up an AMT P-70 (or an A-20), I highly recommend doing so. You’ll enjoy the build.

But right now Butch is on my heart. And I know what he’d say was the most important thing….

Jesus loves you. So much He died for you, as an atonement for your sin. Why not give your life to Him today?

The P-70 pictures will be here when you are done. I promise.

This one is for you, Butch. Thanks brother- I’ll see you later.