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Readers’ Gallery: Paddy Seale’s Flat Tops and More Yorktown flight deck

Forum member Paddy Seale (PHS) put together this wonderful Yorktown class flight deck to show off one of his upcoming 1/72 scale naval aviation builds. The flight deck kit is from another Agape forum member, Rusty Keeler (Flattop LSO). Rusty has a website called Flattops & More Hobbies, with plenty of goodies for the naval aviation builder. And as you can see from Paddy’s efforts, the results speak for themselves!

The flight deck is ultimately going to be the home for Monogram’s classic F11C-2 kit, but Paddy just couldn’t wait to show this off, so he landed a pre-built MRC F4F Wildcat on the deck until the F11C-2 is ready, and shared his results on the forums. And when I saw the photos, I said “send me more!” I knew readers would like to see it too!

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