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Scott enjoys a brief nap while surfing Building X-Wing Fighters is tiring!

Scott Girvan, the Scale Model Addict, has posted his weekly adventure building an X-Wing Fighter. And this week he gets 10,000 Ninja Bonus Points for the most creative use of the word “capillary”.

And a special thanks to Scott for giving a shoutout! Thanks so much brother for your support of this ministry! (You can see Scott in the picture to the left taking a brief nap while surfing

Scott’s work is for the Lord- he’s raising money to help build wells in Africa. Most of us take something as simple as clean water for granted, yet in most of the world, clean water is a rarity. And yet something so simple as a clean glass of water can save thousands of lives. So take a look at this weeks video, and if you can, consider helping Scott in his efforts to reach out to the world with the love of Christ!

(And don’t miss this funny little “bonus” video too!)