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Scale modeling- it’s addicting! (And uplifting…)

smascreenshotScott Girvan is addicted to modeling. And Scott loves the Lord. Combine the two, and you get a Christian modeling website! (Kinda cool idea…. 😉 )

Scott’s goal is simple but powerful. He wants to fund a well in Africa. A very tangilbe way to love his neighbor. So he’s selling various wares on his site to fund that.

And on top of that, he’s producing some very cool videos about modeling. You can visit Scott’s channel on Youtube and see all of his videos. And to get an update on Scott’s efforts- and to see his heart for the Lord, you can watch this video.

Bless you, Scott, for your work for His Kingdom! Keep Scott in your prayers, and if you can, and feel the Lord’s leading, please support his efforts.