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Readers’ Gallery: Robert Bius’ Accurate Miniatures Predator

I’m a proud daddy. My son, Robert, finished up this Predator model while home on Christmas break from college. He always does the neatest things with his builds. Whether it’s building a Yak-3 in the colors of a Playstation game aircraft, or building an F-5 in his school colors, complete with custom decals for his jersey number, he always has fun.

But he’s outdone himself this time. Call this one a Predator with bite. He scratch built a Gatlin-gun in the nose, using sheet styrene and rod, a piece of drinking draw, and modeling clay. A ton of Mr. Surfacer smoothed it all out. I wasn’t sure how it would work out, but he showed me- I learned a thing or two watching him!

He used a Hasegawa set of armament- 1/48 scale- and just modified until it fit. The decals are a combination of kit and spares.

The poor little landing gear are barely holding up under the weight all that extra ordanance- you have to be careful setting it down. And I’m half-expecting the wings to snap off.

I’m proud of my son! He doesn’t sweat over anything- he just builds it for fun, how he sees fit. Not a bad lesson to take away.