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New look and new kits from Airfix

afx-logo-newFor a company that looked like it was on it’s last leg a few years ago, Airfix seems to now be doing quite well. Hornby certainly seems to have had the right touch. And they’re not just releasing their old kits- new kits are flowing out at a good pace, along with releases of their older kits.

As part of their growth and progress, Airfix has updated their logo to reflect “a modern feel, whilst keeping the traditional round shape with the red and black colours”, according to their website. I likOne of thee it- familiar, yet with a modern look. For modelers who grew up with Airfix, it’s nice to keep that connection to youthful nostalgia.

tsr2afxOne of the most anticipated kits slated for release this year is the 1/48 TSR.2. When this came out in 72nd scale a few years ago, it created a huge stir. Aftermarket sets of resin, decals and other were released. Practically every UK modeling moagazine featured historical articles, walk-arounds, what-if’s and build reports. The kit itself actually seemed somewhat of a disappointment according to many reviews, but it’s uniqueness stood out. All the reports I’ve seen of this new TSR.2 indicate that the shortcoming of the previous kit have been addressed. One way or the other, I plan to find out. I’ve already got word in at my favorite model shop, Hayes Hobby House, to put one on hold for me as soon as it comes in!

Another thing I’m looking forward to are the new tool kits Airfix has planned for this year. There are quite a few planned. In an interview with one of the folks from Airfix that Brett Green did at ScaleModel World a few weeks back, they explained their approach to new tool kits. While they will not be making new tools for every kit- some just don’t warrant it due to lower demand, many of the more popular kits will be updated to “modern” standards. (Though I still love the old ones too.) Of note to me are two of the new ones- two Spitfires, a Mk. IXc and a PRXIX. Here, from Airfix’s website, is a list of their new-tool 1/72 aircraft coming out this year:

  • BAE Red Arrows Hawk
  • Spitfire PRXIX
  • Messerschmitt BF109G
  • MiG 15
  • Supermarine Spitfire MkIXc
  • Hawker Hurricane MkII c/d
  • BAE Hawk 128/132
  • Sea Harrier FRS1
  • Sea Harrier FA2­

Another interesting note- a limited edition 1/48 Sea Vixen is scheduled for release.

club-kitsAnd of course, there is the 2009 Airfix Club kit- a Fleet Air Arm 3-aircraft set consisting of a Wildcat, Seafire and Swordfish. Hopefully mine is even now winging it’s way across the Atlantic!

You can read about all of this and more at Airfix’s website!