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Airfix and the Official Club- time to renew

I remember as a kid being part of the “Revell Master Modellers Club”, if I recall the name correctly. They sent me a cool club patch, and some other goodies, and there was a newsletter. (You can still find it from time to time on Ebay.) I think there may have been a kit, but I’m not sure. It’s been a few years. 🙂

When Hornby purchased Airfix in 2006 to breathe life back into the iconic British model maker, they also continued the Airfix Club. The kid in me immediately said “join”. And being as the kid in me chased the adult in me into a dark corner somewhere looooong ago, I joined up.

I actually posted doing so on a forum or two (besides the forum, mind you…), and a few people questioned my sanity in spending US$40+ dollars on the Airfix Club.

I say “why not”? We’re mostly grown-up folks playing with toys, when you get right down to it. Whether we do it as an occassional hobby, or we make a living off of it, we do it because at some level the kid in us still loves it.

And I have to admit I love patches and buttons and membership cards. The Flying Hours program isn’t bad either…. save up the points and get free kits. And, oh yeah, the cool members only kits. 😀

So I was really happy to see that that it’s almost time to renew my membership. Especailly when I saw the Club kit- A Fleet Air Arm boxing of a Swordfish MkIIc, a Wildcat MkVI, and a Seafire MkIIc, all in 1/72nd scale. Count me in!

I need to get a shirt like I had as a kid…. put all my club patches and buttons on it. I can wear it when I’m modeling.

Who says you can’t be a kid again?