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Readers’ Gallery: icekj, part II: 1/72 P-51B

Forum member and recently returned to modeling, icekj (Ken in the real world!) is really setting an impressive pace. Here is his 1/72 P-51B, the Acedemy kit with Microscale decals, in the classic “Shangri-la” markings of Don Gentile’s Mustang. Great work- again! 😀

Ken is on a mission to build the aircraft of the aces, so we’ll be seeing more of his work!

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First time using ProModeller wash for the pannel lines and I have to say I really like that product.  Almost makes it idiot proof.

The testors clear parts cement is still drying in a couple places but other then that I think this one is done.

I am very satisfied with how this one turned out.  Only my 4th build since getting back into the hobby a few months ago. Might go back and use some more clear parts glue over the next week to fill in the gaps between canopy and fuselage.