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Readers’ Gallery: icekj’s 1/72 Revell F-101B “Minnesota Air National Guard”

Forum member icekj posted this wonderful F-101B Voodoo. It looks awesome- especially considering he’s only been back in the hobby for 3 months!

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As promised, here is my F-101B that I just finished.

The good: I bought this on it’s initial release back in the early nineties for $7.00. Not too shabby for a OOB build except for the Expert’s Choice decals.

The bad: A lot of the fit on parts is not illustrated well on the instructions and had to be fiddled with. Intakes, front control panel, landing gear struts, flaps, canopy, and a few other places that skip my mind currently. The kit decals were really bad, when I went to use the control panel decals I found they were thick, had a white milky film, and did not go down well with anything but solvaset.

I really hope Revell of Germany decides to re-issue this kit again someday soon. If they do I will pick up a few more to go with the decals I still have. some of them for a NMF bird.

If you can pick this kit up for a reasonable price (they usually go in e-bay for about $30.00 after shipping) I recommend you try one out. Also, it’s 1/48th scale big brother is available through “Revelogram” in the states. Only difference is the 1/48th scale has raised panel lines.

I think it turned out well for my first jet after getting back into the hobby about 3 months ago.