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Readers’ Gallery: jagdtiger1944’s Marder III

This great build was posted in our armor forum by member jagdtiger1944. I thought it was neat how he came up with a storyline to help guide the build.

Here is the completed Marder III. It is the classic Tamiya kit. I got it on sale a few years ago, and it was my first start in armor. But I realized it was too complicated for me then and I put it aside until my skills improved and I go an airbrush. It is completely OOB.

Two things I am not happy with is the lack of details in the fighting compartment, and the rubber band tracks. It was however a great practice piece on new techniques. The dried mud is darker than it appears, probably the flash. I used Warpigs pigments from Modelers Warehouse, mixed w/ ground pastels and some plaster and small pieces of grass mixed with turpentine and applied with an old brush. After it dried I used an oil was of burnt umber to darken it a bit.

I have decided to build with a story in mind to help me along with finishing process. It is late spring in 1944 on the Eastern Front. This Marder had been defending a cross roads from the Russian onslaught when it was over ran. The radio operator got out, hence the open hatch in front of the turret, and the two crew in the back. However the driver died at his post. the guys in the back went to firing small arms before they dropped everything and dashed. They were probably captured later on though, as they were the rear guard.

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