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Kit preview: Czech Model’s 1/48 JRF Goose

Drew Hatch sent in this preview of Czech Model’s JRF Goose, a fun looking kit that would certainly be a neat addition to any modelers’ display shelf.

Grumman’s Goose is almost instantly recognizable to the masses. It’s robust airframe and distinct design have allowed it remain flyable since 1937 to present. Although initially designed to fill a gap as an amphibious civilian transport, military applications were immediately recognized.

The coastal patrol, utility transport and air-sea rescue duties performed by the Goose were it’s mainstay. Later variants were capable of bombs and depth charges and was typically operated by a two man crew. In it’s civilian role it was able to carry up to 6 passengers, had a bar and a toilet in its 39’ 7” long fuselage!

The kit comes neatly wrapped with a nice USCG version over flying a German U-Boat rendition on the box art. The kit consists of 72 plastic and 31 resin parts. The clear injection molded canopies are very thin and very clear (something not always seen in a limited run kit). The resin parts are very well detailed, expertly cast and free of air bubbles. The plastic is nicely molded with crisp recessed panel lines. As is common with limited run kits the attachment points are fairly thick and there is some flash to clean up, but neither should be more than little trouble. The decals provided by AeroMaster are beautifully printed by Cartograf of Italy. 4 very colorful options include USCG, USAAC, Swedish and Cuban markings. The bright orange of the Swedish Air Force will make for one unique model.

The kit itself does not have a complex break down. Most of the resin pieces are add on that do not have to ‘fit’ into the plastic. The exception being the cockpit bulkhead and sidewalls. There is no option in the instructions to have the wheels retracted, but it should be a simple fix. This should be a straight forward build with minor problems. If you a fan of amphibious aircraft, this has been a long awaited relief. As this is a multi-media limited run kit, I recommend it to modelers with moderate experience.

My thanks to John Smallbrugge and One Stop Hobbies for the review sample.

Drew Hatch has been an avid modeler since he was a teenager. Taking a modeling hiatus while flying in the Canadian Armed Forces, he picked it up again when he met his wife. They’ve been married ten wonderful years. Drew’s interests are naval and Canadian aviation, with an emphasis on the Pacific War. (Along with the slight detour into N. Africa during WWII.)