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Badger Airbrush Company’s Renegade Velocity

Drew Hatch has a new toy, Badger’s Velocity airbrush, one of it’s newly released Renegade series. He shares his impressions of it with with us.

Badger’s newest line of airbrushes hit the market in full stride. A beautiful set of 3 different feed systems to suit all airbrushing needs. The gravity fed Velocity was one I just had to have for myself. Arrival of the airbrush created quite a stir in my house. “You got another airbrush?” was the comment from my wife. “Yup. Need another. But this will be the last one, just like I said the last time I got one. But I mean it this time.” (yea – right!)

Badgers Velocity comes in a very nice finish. The balance and feel of it is very different from all other Badger models. It shares similar looks to the 100LG with it’s top mounted color cup but that is where the similarity ends. Let me make this very clear – this is all new! The needle / head design and break down are brand new to Badger. I like the design of the tip being removable and not a separate head assemble with the tip mounted to it. It allows for far more control in alignment to the needle and thus a better spray. Conversely, the tip is made from nickel silver and is fairly sturdy. A simple drop on the floor should not bend it out of shape, but using it as a lawn dart or having one roll on the floor and get a chair lag on top of it will do some damage (go ahead – ask me how I know! – sheesh). There is a nice feature included on the needle guard, a depth set knob. Simply turn the know in to restrict the needle travel or even lock it closed for transport. I will get great use out of this feature!

The craftsmanship in this line has it’s continued extreme high standards from Badger. Time was taken to ensure the feel of this airbrush. That time has paid off. The balance, weight and trigger control have a new feel to them. The tight tolerances are felt when you just pick it up. Once the air hose is attached the entire balance of the airbrush evened out. I could feel the control I would have before I even added any paint to the color cup.

Spraying was a gem. I had produced some fantastic lines and shading with it. The overall balance and feel of this airbrush is different from the other Badger airbrushes I own. It is heavier and therefore gives the better feel of control to the user. Using the ultra fine tip (included) in this airbrush out performs it’s cousin – the 100LG. The tightness of spray pattern and control give this unlimited abilities in the modeling community. Even with a damaged tip, I was able to make some very nice lines and shading with it. The ultra fine tip can still produce a great area of coverage.

For a modeler that is thinking of a great, all round airbrush, the Renegade series is the weapon of choice for this modeler. The retail price of this airbrush makes it a huge bargain. It out performs airbrushes double the price and can easily be compared to ones three times the cost.

My heartfelt and sincere thanks to Badger Airbrush and it’s president, Ken Schlotfeldt, for the review sample.

You can find out more about the Renegade airbrushes at You can also find out more about the full line of Badger Airbrushes at their website, and you might also enjoy reading an interview I did with Ken Schlotfeldt earlier this year.

Drew Hatch has been an avid modeler since he was a teenager. Taking a modeling hiatus while flying in the Canadian Armed Forces, he picked it up again when he met his wife. They’ve been married ten wonderful years. Drew’s interests are naval and Canadian aviation, with an emphasis on the Pacific War. (Along with the slight detour into N. Africa during WWII.)