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Readers’ Gallery: SteveL’s Mustang Diorama forum member SteveL (also known as the other, other Steve) posted these photos of his awesome diorama of two Mustangs getting ready for take off. If you’re looking for a fun place for Christian Fellowship, please accept this invitation to join the forums– we’d love to have you!

Steve had this to say about his diorama:
I have them done up as if they were embarking on an escort/strafing mission. Mid-Late ’44. Initially I was gonna have the “B” very dirty and the “D” looking new. But somewhere along the way I got a bit carried away! I LOVE a weathered aircraft.

The OD would’ve been applied in the field. Most likely without any extensive prep work. So I have to assume it would’ve worn fairly quickly when combined with the conditions and number of sorties.

Not sure if you can see, but the “B” is the Flt lead, showing 2 kills. I’ve read several accounts where some of the high ranking veterans chose to keep their “old” fighters since they were more comfortable with them.