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The “Norm”

In the 1993 movie, Tombstone, which recounts some of the more spectacular events in the life of famed lawman, Wyatt Earp, a distressed Earp discusses life with longtime friend, Doc Holliday. “What do you want, Wyatt?” asks Holliday. “Just to live a normal life.” says Earp. “There is no normal life, Wyatt, there’s just life…ya’ live it.” replies Holliday. I have to agree with Doc Holliday. There is no “normal” life.

The news of late would seem to substantiate such a supposition. The “norm” has been to think about a psychological state when we hear the word, “depression”. Today, that term looms large in the discussion surrounding this nation’s economic situation. Likewise, our country seems polarized by a presidential race which includes an African-American candidate, as well as a female candidate…neither of which has ever been the norm in any presidential campaign. Couple these overarching news stories with the disturbing headlines that seem to be the status-quo in our current world, and a person could become downright discouraged, and perhaps even fearful of what the immediate future might hold.

If you find yourself overly concerned or afraid, let me encourage you with a word from the Book of Hebrews, chapter 13, verse 8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” (NIV). We serve a God who is wonderfully, completely and abnormally, normal. Our God is bigger than any financial crisis in which we may become embroiled, mightier than any opposition we may face, and more faithful than any person we will ever know. He has a love and a concern for us which can never be matched. Scripture teaches us that this, and much more, is His “norm”. And best of all, just as Hebrews reminds us, He will never change!

Pray for our country, our leaders, our world and our churches. In this time of unrest in our world, take hold of the Rock that never changes. Be encouraged! Even in the face of unprecedented upheaval, God will provide.