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Readers’ Gallery: Dragon 1:72 STUG IV Early forum member Dennismcq shared this great looking Dragon STUG IV recently. If you’re looking for a fun place for Christian Fellowship, please accept this invitation to join the forums– we’d love to have you!

This is a Dragon STUG IV Early 1:72 scale and it was a pretty decent kit.  One really nice feature is the road wheels.  The hubs are molded separate from the rubber parts of the wheels.  So you paint the rubber and the hubs their respective colors and just glue them together.  It makes a long tedious task a short neat operation.  My only complaint is that I think I got the wrong tracks for the kit.  In all the reviews of the kit it says that the tracks are too long to allow for slack.  Mine were about an inch too short and did not fit around the drive sprocket (I think they may be STUG III tracks).  Since I was doing this kit while waiting on Dragoncare I did not want to open another ticket, I just put the tracks on as the skirts cover the gap and now I can say it is finished.