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Readers’ Gallery: Neil Bable’s Scratchbuilt Space Barge

Neil Bable posted this fabulous little scratchbuilt Space Barge built from…. well, I’ll let him explain….

Here’s model I made several years ago for a local club theme, Space category. If you look closely it’s based on …. a medicine spoon for kids! I found it in my medicine cabinet. It’s used to dispense cough syrup. I think my kids still question that model.

I used bits and pieces from all different types of models and spare parts I had laying around. The engine housing is a 1/144 scale Hummer I got from a DML 1/144 C-141 kit. The engines are make up applicators cut up. The skids are from an F-4. The refueling tanker comes from a P-38 and a bomb. The base is sheet plastic painted and weathered. The landing lights are blue sequiens. The hose is electrical wire. I drilled out the holes along the sides of the fuselage.

I had lots of fun building it. Really energized my creative side.

Great work Neil!